Tuesday, 21 July 2015

ClassDojo Groups

Could ClassDojo get any better? Of course!!! #growthmindset

I am so excited to share with you a new feature of this already amazing tech tool. CD now has a grouping feature, allowing teachers to group students for seating arrangements, reading, maths, abilities... Whatever you want!

I've already begun playing with this feature, and I must admit: I'm having tonnes of fun! It's great being able to group students. As a Science teacher, my students are almost always working in groups. Awarding points is now much easier, and it's so handy knowing who's meant to be in which group! Sometimes I forget, and the kids are able to slip one by me... And perhaps that's also because I cannot be bothered getting my lists out to see who's meant to be where... But now, with a click, or swipe, I can very easily do that, and it's not a hassle because CD is always open in my classroom! Whether it's on my desktop, phone, or tablet.

Here's what your desktop screen will now look like. At the top, you have two tabs: one for viewing your students, and the other for your groups. Attendance, Award Multiple, Random, and Timer are now at the bottom - handy for when I am getting shorter students to do those things for me!

OK... Before any of you accuse me of being obsessed, let me just say that while I was testing this feature, I didn't want to use any of my existing classes, because we were on holidays, and I didn't know what groups they'd be in for the following term. So I created a test class, and what better anime than Naruto?? They're already in groups! Shikamaru also happens to be my imaginary child, for when I need to try things with the parent account...

Anyway, moving along! You may have noticed that you can also see each student's monster when they're in a group. How nifty ^^

Another wonderful thing about this feature is that you can still award points individually. As you would normally, just select the student you'd like to award, and do so. To award points to a group, you simply select that particular group and then "Award Group". Easy. 

There's bound to be more posts as I get this up and running with my real classes, but this brief intro should have you sold anyway ;) So go check it out, have a play, and fall in love all over again :) You can also visit their page to learn more about ClassDojo Groups, which I can guarantee has much less Naruto-related content ^^;

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